Which design lines for children’s desks are there?

From classic to modern

If you look at your child’s room, you will soon discover that it has a special design. One often speaks with two terms of the room of a child or a teenager. On the one hand, it is seen as a kind of miniature edition of the entire apartment in colorful. On the other hand, it is – especially for smaller children – a fascinating kingdom full of possibilities and full of imagination. The moll children’s desk fits into this ensemble with its design lines from classic to modern just right and helps you to find the right path in the interior of the nursery. So the child should not only paint, write, do handicrafts and read in this room, but also find space to romp around, in order to unfold in a creative way and of course also to relax. The minor children’s desk plays a central role.

The most beautiful ideas for the nursery – with the minor children’s desk remain flexible and flexible

What was optimal for young children, is in a few years rather suboptimal. The needs – especially of adolescents – are changing faster. Faster and more polarizing than in adults. For this reason, children especially need a room and a children’s desk, which can be easily changed and adapted to the respective furnishings. The children’s desk by moll forms a unity with the other furniture in the children’s room. Regardless of which of the different decorative colors you choose for the minor children’s desk, it is always made of light-colored wood or white and thus unobtrusive at the same time and ready to embrace all the changes of the time without compromise. The children’s desk by moll is also a system and modular furniture that can be easily adapted to the needs. The possible decor colors at the minor children’s desk are an excellent match for most nursery wallpapers, which are usually the starting point for designing the basic colors in the nursery.

Flexibility in design is the key

Nobody can predict how a child’s taste will develop. Therefore, it is important that the children’s desk is variable and flexible in design. After all, a new children’s desk should not have to be purchased for every taste change. At moll one knows about this problem and has recognized that the furnishing options are more versatile today than ever before. The product range of moll adapts therefore optimally to every style of furnishing. Whether classic or modern, moll furniture can be integrated into any home. So you can adapt the desk perfectly to the other furniture, the wallpaper design and the floor through the various wood finishes. By contrast, the white décor is ideal for very modern facilities and also offers maximum flexibility.